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Introduction / Westray Grays

Early Westray Grays

See Miscellaneous Gray Information for items of Gray information that cannot be tied up with the known or surmised genealogy.

The following is a listing of early Gray family baptisms per the Old Parish Records of Westray, which have not been linked with the family of George Gray and Margaret Seatter.

(1) Andrew Gray
  • Simon Gray b. March 1738
  • (2) Henry Gray and Marion Port

  • Simon Gray b. March 1738
  • Mary Gray b. 22nd May 1740
  • Agnes Gray b. 1st September 1743
  • Ann Gray b. 1st September 1743
  • James Gray b. 19th December 1746

  • Note: The IGI for Mary Gray does not list the mother but it is considered likely that this would be Marion Port, based on the subsequent children.

    (3) And. Gray and Els. Petersen

  • George Gray b. 11th March 1744
  • (4) Thomas Gray and Barbara Liddell

  • James Gray b. 29th April 1750
  • Benjamin Gray 25th August 1753
  • Thomas Gray 10th November 1756
  • Thomas Gray 18th April 1759
  • (5) Jean__ Gray and Bar__ Gray

  • Isobel Gray b. 7th September 1746
  • (6) James Gray and Barbara Gray

  • James Gray 22nd April 1750

  • Note: (5) and (6) could well be the same family

    (7) James Gray and Mary Gray
  • Mary Gray b. 15th April 1753
  • (8) John Gray and Barbara Gray

  • Mary Gray b. 10th July 1768
  • Isabel Gray b. 17th June 1770 who married William Robertson
  • James Gray b. 5th August 1772
  • John Gray b. 29th July 1774
  • Barbara Gray b. 28th July 1776
  • Mary Gray b. 13th March 1779
  • Agnes Gray 22nd April 1781
  • John Gray b. 20th August 1783 who married Barbara Beaton
  • (9) Archibald Gray and Hannah Meil

  • Hannah Gray b. 13th February 1769
  • (10) Archibald Gray and Majory Paterson

  • James Gray b. 15th December 1774
  • Elizabeth Gray b. 23rd April 1780
  • Lucy Gray b. 4th November 1781
  • Margaret Gray b. 3rd April 1785
  • Christian Gray b. 1st September 1787
  • Majory Gray b. 13th January 1790

    (11) James Gray and Jean Harcus

  • James Gray c. 11th June 1777
  • John Gray c. 24th October 1779
  • William Gray c. 8th January 1783
  • (12) John Gray and Jean Harcus

  • George Gray b. 7th November 1802
  • (13) John Gray and Barbara Bethune

  • Mary Gray b. 18th October 1811
  • John Gray b. 26th May 1813

  • Note: This family can be seen at Pierowall in the census

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