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Margaret Gray and William Rendall

Margaret Gray (b. 2nd April 1875) was staying at Breckaskaill in Westray with her parents when she married William Nicholson Rendall (b. 3rd July 1868) from Sandyhole in December 1894. She was nineteen and William was a fisherman of twenty six. He was the son of George Rendall and Jane Angel.

Fisherman was given as George's occupation at the time of the birth of their children with the exception of the last when he is described as a farmer. They stayed at Sandyhole (sometimes later described as Sandyhall or even Sandhall) after they married and were there at the time of the 1901 census.

1901 - Sandhall 2, Westray
Relation Status Age Occupation Born
William Rendall Head Married 32 years Fisherman Westray
Margaret Rendall Wife Married 25 years Westray
George Rendall Son 4 years Westray
Mary Rendall Daughter 2 years Westray
Jane Rendall Daughter 1 year Westray

All their six children were born there:

  • George Rendall b. 19th October 1896 who married in later life and died at Sandyhall on 30th January 1971 at the age of seventy four.
  • Mary Tulloch Rendall b. 27th May 1898
  • Jean Rendall b. 26th January 1900
  • Robert Gray Rendall b. 28th December 1902
  • Jessie Ann Gray Rendall b. 13th June 1904
  • Alfred Gordon Hutcheson Rendall b. 20th September 1910 who married in Westray. They had family.

William Rendall died on 13th February 1933 at Sandyhall at the age of sixty four. He was described as a farmer. Margaret Gray lived another eighteen years and died there on 30th April 1951 at the age of seventy five.

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