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William Tulloch and Jean Rendall

William Tulloch was the son of John Tulloch and Janet Sandison, and was born in Westray on 5th November 1847. He was recorded at Nearhouse, Westray, in all of the censuses from 1851 to 1901, first in his parents' household, and later in his own. In 1871, when he was 23 years old, no occupation was given for him. In 1881 and 1891 he was a fisherman, and in 1901 he was a farmer and fisherman.

On 10th April 1874 William married Jean Rendall (born 12th July 1857, daughter of William Rendall and Janet Harcus), and they had six known children, all born in Westray:

  • Jessie Tulloch, born 6th June 1876; died 22nd February 1964, aged 87 years
  • John Tulloch, born 16th November1879
  • Mary Jane Tulloch, born 28th January 1883; died 10th May 1985, aged 102 years
  • Betsy Tulloch, born 26th February 1886; died 19th April 1969, aged 83 years
  • William James Tulloch, born 30th June 1892
  • Richard Ronaldson Tulloch, born 15th June 1899; died 26th July 1969, aged 70 years

Jean died 3rd May 1927, at the age of 69 years. William died at Nearhouse on 19th August 1936, aged 88 years.

The family's monumental inscription reads:

Erected By The Family
In Memory Of Their Mother
Jean Rendall
Who Died 3rd May 1927
Aged 69 Years
Also Their Father
William Tulloch
Who Died At Nearhouse
19th Aug 1936 Aged 88 Years
And Their Sister Jessie
Who Died 22nd Feb 1964
Aged 87 Years
Also Their Sister Betsy
Who Died 19th April 1969
Aged 83 Years
And Their Brother
Richard Ronaldon
Who Died 26th July 1969
Aged 70 Years
Also Their Sister Mary Jane
Who Died 10th May 1985 Aged 102 Years

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