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Introduction / Westray Grays / Archibald Gray / Mary Ann Gray and John Tulloch

John Tulloch and Janet Sandison

John Tulloch, baptised in Westray on 27th Dec 1812, was the son of John Tulloch and Mary Ann Gray. He was living with his parents at Nearhouse, Westray, at the time of the 1841 census, and was recorded at Nearhouse in each census through 1891. In 1841 his occupation was fisherman; after that, he was always shown as a farmer.

John married Janet Sandison (born in Westray about 1819, daughter of Thomas Sandison and Jane Logie) on 21st January 1843, and six children are known to have been born to them:

  • John Tulloch, born 11th August 1841. He was at Nearhouse, age 9, in the 1851 census, but no record has been found for him after that.
  • James Tulloch, born February 1843. He was at Nearhouse, age 18, in the 1861 census, but no record has been found for him after that.
  • Jean Tulloch, born 31st December 1844. In June 1883 she married James Rendall (a widower, son of James Rendall and Elizabeth Rendall). They had a daughter Jean, born 26th January 1884. The mother died 16th July 1932, aged 87 years, and the daughter died 21st August 1938, aged 54 years.
  • Mary Tulloch, born 3rd September 1854. She married Alexander Miller.
  • Janet Tulloch, born 5th September 1861. She was with her parents at Nearhouse in the 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses, but it is not known what became of her after 1891.

The following shows the household in the 1871 census:

1871 - Nirhouse, Westray
Relation Status Age Occupation Born
John Tulloch Head Married 58 years Farmer of 11.5 acres Westray
Janet Tulloch Wife Married 51 years Westray
Jane Tulloch Unmarried 26 years Westray
William Tulloch Son Unmarried 23 years Westray
Mary Tulloch Daughter Unmarried 16 years Westray
Janet Tulloch Daughter Unmarried   9 years Scholar Westray

John died at Nearhouse on 7th May 1892. Janet died 19 months later, on 2nd December 1893, at the age of 77 years.

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