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Introduction / Westray Grays / Archibald Gray / Louisa Gray and William Lennie / Marjorie Lennie and William Rendall

James Rendall and Isabella Tulloch Scollay

James Rendall (b. 26th October 1851) was a son of William Rendall and Marjorie Lennie. He was born shortly before the family moved from Skaill to Peatwall.

He married Isabella Tulloch Scollay (b. 12 Jun 1853), the daughter of William Scollay and Ann Reid, on 22nd May 1874. Isabella was a farm servant at Noltland at the time.

James was a farm servant and living at Breck, Aikerness in 1881. He and Isabella had ten children:

  • Jane Mason Rendall b. 28th July 1874. Jane had a son in 1905. She married David Reid (b. 29th September 1871), the son of shoemaker Archibald Reid and Elizabeth Leslie, in 1922. David was a crofter at Rose Cottage. Jane died there on 14th December 1949 at the age of seventy five.
  • James Rendall b. 16th April 1879. James was at Lochend at the time of the 1891 census.
  • John Rendall b. 4th August 1881
  • George Rendall b. 19th August 1884. George was at Lochend at the time of the 1891 census.
  • Mary Lennie Rendall b. 14th December 1886 who married George Rendall (b. 7th July 1884) in 1925. George was the son of George Rendall and Barbara Cooper.
  • Betsy Groat Rendall b. 2nd January 1888 and died on 27th January 1889
  • Robert Reid Rendall b. 26th May 1889 who married Annie Rendall, the daughter of William Rendall and Lizzie Bremner, in 1915. They had nine children and stayed at Noltland.
  • Betsy Groat Rendall b. 19th February 1891. She was with the family at Lochend at the time of the 1901 census.
  • Isabella Rendall b. 4th April 1892 who married seaman David Hutchison (b. 5th August 1891) in 1920. David was a son of John Hutchison and Ann Rendall.
  • Davina Reid Rendall b. 14th November 1897. She was with the family at Lochend at the time of the 1901 census.

The family moved to Lochend around 1885 and appeared there at the time of the 1891 census with James and Isabella staying for the rest of their lives.

1891 - Lochend, Westray
Relation Status Age Occupation Born
James Rendall Head Married 39 years General Labourer Westray
Isabella Rendall Wife Married 37 years Westray
Jean Rendall Daughter Unmarried 16 years Gen. Servant Domestic Westray
James Rendall Son 11 years Scholar Westray
John Rendall Son   9 years Scholar Westray
George Rendall Son   6 years Scholar Westray
May Rendall Daughter   4 years Westray
Betsy Rendall Daughter   1 month Westray

James's occupation on registering the birth of the children was farm servant and subsequently crofter. In the 1901 census, James's occupation at Lochend is given as cattleman on farm.

Isabella died on 2nd November 1922 at the age of sixty nine. James died there on 23rd August 1929. He was seventy eight.

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