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Introduction / Westray Grays / Archibald Gray

Louisa Gray and William Lennie

Louisa Gray was the daughter of Archibald Gray and his wife Marjory Paterson. No record has been found relating to her birth or baptism, but her age in the census record in 1851, and her age at death, both indicate that she was born about 1781 or 1782. Archibald Gray and Marjory Paterson had a daughter named Lucy who was baptised on 4th November 1781 - perhaps Lucy and Louisa were twins. However, at least one other case has been found in which the two names were both used for the same person. The woman known later as Louisa may have been the same one who was christened Lucy.

Louisa married William Lennie (sometimes Linnay or Linay; born in 1781, son of James Linay and Janet Stevenson) in 1808, according to the OPRs and a contributed record in the IGI. Their known children are:

  • Christian Lennie, baptised 2nd February 1808
  • Janet Lennie, baptised 8th December 1810, married George Harcus
  • James Lennie, baptised 20th November 1812, married Isabella Sandison

William Lennie died 22nd June 1821, at the age of 39 years, according to a monumental inscription from Westray.

Louisa's whereabouts at the time of the 1841 census has not been established. She was a widow, age 69, living at Skail, Westray, in the 1851 census, when she was listed as Louisa Gray. She died 30th March 1857 at Skail, age 75 (according to the Death registration), and was buried at North Church Burying Ground.

The following is the monumental inscription for Louisa and William. Unusually for the time and place, it does not mention Louisa's maiden surname. The discrepancy between Louisa's age and date of death on her Death registration, and the age and date given on the stone, cannot presently be explained. The identity of Ebenezer Rendall is unknown; perhaps he was a young grandson, the son of either Margaret Lennie and her husband John Rendall, or of Marjory Lennie and William Rendall.

In Memory Of
William Lennie Who Died
June 22nd 1821 Aged 39 Years
Louisa Lennie His Spouse
Who Died 1st April 1857 Aged 74 Years
Ebenezer Rendall
Decr 8th 1848

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