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Stewart Gullion and John Wards

Stewart Gullion, the youngest daughter of William Gullion and Isabella Drever was born on Eday about 1839. She married, on 23rd February 1860, John Wards. John was born on Sanday on 4th March 1834 to John Wards and Margaret Cursiter. Stewart and John had six known children born on Eday:

  • James Wards, b. 1861 and went to Canada for the gold rush. During his return to Eday all his property was stolen from him. He died soon after.
  • John Wards, b. 26th Sept 1863 and emigrated to US about 1882. He married about 1889 Florence Cheeseman. They lived in Rochester, Racine County, Wisconsin and had a daughter Alice born on 29th June 1892 and a son Harold born on 8th Nov 1895. John was a joiner and later a farmer.
  • Isabella Wards, b. 17th Nov 1866 and d. on 27th Feb 1884, at Dunkirk, Kirkwall (although her usual residence had been Castles, Eday).
  • William Wards, b. 6th Oct 1871 and emigrated to US, perhaps settling in Chicago.
  • Charles Wards, b. 1876 and married Mary Muir from Sanday on 24th December 1920. Mary, born about 1882 was the daughter of James Muir and Margaret Brown. Charles and Mary had two daughters. He lived all his life at Castles, Calfsound, Eday, and was the first one buried in the new kirkyard, Eday.
  • Elizabeth Wards, b. 1879 who married David Harcus of Northpark, Eday, son of John Harcus and Barbara Drever, a merchant seaman, in Kirkwall, 1st Dec 1903. Elizabeth died at Ness, St. Andrews on 6th Dec 1942 where David was then a farmer.

John and Stewart lived at Castles, in Calfsound in the north part of Eday, where John was a fisherman and farmer. Stewart died on Eday in 1915. They are buried in the old Eday kirkyard. In addition to Latin phrases that are almost illegible the inscription reads:

John Wards
who died 8th Oct 1916
aged 82 years
also his loving wife
Stewart Gullion
who died 5th Sept 1915
aged 76 years

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