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Ann Gray

Ann Gray, the daughter of Robert Gray and Christina Harcus, married Thomas Drever.

They had three children:

  • Christian Drever b. 8th July 1842
  • Ann Drever b. 14th August 1847

Thomas Drever died on 26th December 1848 at the age of thirty five. Ann was staying at Gretnagreen with her two daughters, at the time of the 1851 census.

1851 - Gretnagreen, Westray
Relation Status Age Occupation Born
Ann Drever Head Widow 30 years Seamstress Westray
Christina Drever Daughter 8 years Scholar Westray
Ann Drever Daughter 3 years Westray

Her son, George Drever, was staying with her sister, Christina Gray at North Tuan. George was to take over at North Tuan on the death of his aunt's husband, James Drever, and stayed there for the rest of his days.

Ann Gray was to remarry on 3rd January 1856. This was to a fisherman, William Pottinger (b. 1813), the son of William Pottinger and Elizabeth Taylor.

It was William's third marriage. His first had been to Isabella Leslie on 24th December 1833 and the second to Barbara Drever on 3rd December 1842. He had five children by the latter marriage.

They had at least three children:

  • Robert Pottinger b. 23rd November 1856 who married Mary Bloor.
  • Tomina Pottinger b. 4th September 1858
  • Janet Pottinger b. 1860

The family were at Hagock at the time of the 1861 census.

1861 - Hagock, Westray
Relation Status Age Occupation Born
William Pottinger Head Married 49 years Fisherman Westray
Ann Pottinger Wife Married 41 years Westray
Robert Pottinger Son 4 years Westray
Tommina Pottinger Daughter 3 years Westray
Janet Pottinger Daughter 5 months Westray
Ann Draver Step Dau. 13 years Westray

The family were still there at the time of the 1871 census when William Pottinger's occupation is given as boatman. Daughter, Janet Pottinger, is down in the 1871 census as Jessie Pottinger.

By 1881, William Pottinger was harbour master at Gill Pier in Westray and daughter, Jessie Pottinger, was still staying with her parents.

1881 - Gill Pier No 1, Westray
Relation Status Age Occupation Born
William Pottinger Head Married 67 years Harbour master Westray
Ann Pottinger Wife Married 59 years Westray
Jessie Pottinger Daughter Unmarried 20 years General Servant Westray

Their daughter, Tomina Pottinger, was a domestic servant at Fribo House, the house of Dr Henry McRobert and his family.

Ann Gray died prior to the 1891 census. William Pottinger was still at Gill Pier, living with his daughter, Jessie, who was recorded as twenty seven years old. He died on 22nd October 1897.

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