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Ann Drever and John Seatter

Ann Drever married John Seatter (b. 1855), the son of George Seatter and Fanny Stevenson in 1892.


  • George Seatter b. 31st May 1894 who married Mary Harcus from Eday. They had two sons.
  • John Drever Seatter b. 31st March 1897 who married Barbara Groat from Pharay and had family.
  • Robert Patterson Heddle Seatter b. 4th December 1898 who married Mary Hill from Eday and had six children.
  • David Drever Seatter b. 10th February 1901 who married Jessie Harcus. They had four children.
  • William Rendall Seatter b. 23rd April 1903 who married Anna Firth and had seven children.
  • Peter Seatter who married Agnes Firth
  • Thomas Seatter who was unmarried
  • James Ray Seatter b. 1909 who married Netta Patterson. They had six children.
  • Annie Jean Seatter b. 19th January 1913 who married William Rendall and had three children.

  • They also had a still born daughter.

The family were still at Newark, where John Seatter came from, at the time of the 1901 census and had quite a large household already with Ann's mother in law and brother in law as well as the start of own family.

1901 - Newark No 3, Westray

Relation Status Age Occupation Born
John Seatter Head Married 44 years Farmer Westray
Ann Seatter Wife Married 25 years Westray
George Seatter Son 6 years Scholar Westray
John Seatter Son 4 years Westray
Robert Seatter Son 2 years Westray
David Seatter Son 1 month Westray
Robert Seatter Brother Unmarried 58 years Assist on farm Westray
Francis Seatter Mother Widow 88 years Dependant Westray
Thomas Harcus Servant Unmarried 14 years Carter on farm Westray

John Seatter died at Kincraig in Pierowall, on the island, on 21st April 1941 at the age of eighty. Ann Drever died almost twenty years later on 10th January 1961 at the age of eighty five.

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