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John Rendall and Isabella Paterson

John Rendall b. 7th November 1844 was the seventh of the eight known children of John Rendall and Margaret Lennie.

He married Isabella Paterson (b. 1844) on 20th May 1870, a daughter of Charles Paterson and Ann Groat.

John took over farming at Quoynabreckan after his father and was to stay there for the rest of his life.

John and Isabella had nine children:

  • Charles Rendall b. 29th April 1872
  • John Lennie Rendall b. 15th August 1873
  • Ann Rendall b. 1st April 1876
  • James Rendall b. 7th December 1877

  • Margaret Rendall b. 21st November 1879
  • Louisa Rendall b. 1st April 1883
  • Jane Rendall b. 7th September 1885 who married Thomas Seatter in 1929. Both were married previously
  • George Rendall b. 6th May 1889

Most of their family left Westray.

John Rendall died at Quoynabreckan on 22nd May 1903 at the age of fifty eight. Isabella died there on 7th July 1916. She was seventy two.

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