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David Rendall and Elizabeth Pottinger

David Rendall (b. 21st March 1850) was the youngest of the eight known children of John Rendall and Margaret Lennie. He was brought up with his parents at Quoynabreckan and married Elizabeth Pottinger from Stanegeo on 4th February 1870.

Elizabeth (or Betsy as she was called) was born on 29th January 1846. She was the daughter of Thomas Pottinger and Ann Leslie.

David and Elizabeth were to spend their lives at Stanegeo. They had ten children:

  • Joann Rendall (b. 22nd April 1870) who married James Cowper (or Cooper) on 28th August 1891.They had a daughter Lizzie Ann Cowper.
  • Thomas Rendall (b. 11th February 1872) who married Catherine Drever Leslie (b. 27 July 1880) on 26th December 1902
  • James Rendall (b. 1st February 1875) who married Jessie Ann Stewart Drever (b. abt 1871) on 2nd September 1897. They had six children while at Stanegeo. They died at Links, Westray.
  • Margaret Deerness Rendall (b. 18th September 1877) who married seaman Robert Bews (b. abt 1872) on 20th November 1907. They had family in Westray.
  • David Rendall (b. 29th April 1880) who married Marion Robertson,
  • William Rendall (b. 11th February 1883) who married Johann Harcus. They had family and stayed at Windywalls, Westray.
  • George Rendall (b. 14th October 1885) who married Georgina Groat. They also had family and stayed at Beach House, Westray.
  • Sinclair Rendall (b. 2nd July 1888) who married Mary Ann Rendall from Peatwall. Mary's parents were George McDonald Rendall, a second cousin of Sinclair Rendall, and Georgina Hutchison.
  • Elizabeth Rendall (b. 29th January 1891) who married James Mowat in 1891. They lived in Shapinsay.
  • Catherine Rendall (b. 16th April 1893) who married William Rendall from Peatwall, a brother of bother Sinclair Rendall's wife, Mary Ann Rendall.

David Rendall's occupation was largely that of farmer although there was some fishing. He died at Stanegeo on 11th April 1927 at the age of seventy seven. Elizabeth had died there a year earlier on 27th April 1926 at the age of eighty.

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