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James Drever and Isabella Cameron Mowat

James Drever (18th December 1868) was the second of the three children of Henry Drever and Louisa Rendall. He was to leave Westray for the US where he met and married Isabella Cameron Mowat, whom he had known since childhood in Westray.

It is understood that Cammie, as Isabella was known, left Westray somewhere between 1885 and 1888, travelling to Cleveland, Ohio to help her sister Rebecca Mowat and her family. Rebecca was dying of cancer.

Following the death of her sister, Cammie left Cleveland with her brother Gavin William Mowat to marry James Drever. The marriage took place on 27th June 1893.

James and Cammie were to have nine children:

  • Jean Isabella Driver b. 6th October 1894 who married William Thomas Morrison (b. 1893). They had six children.
  • Henry Harcus Driver b. 14th May 1896 who married Ana Erre Robayana Yanes. They had two children.
  • Louisa Gray Driver b. 1st March 1898
  • Gavin Mowat Driver b. 28th March 1900 who married Dee Yensen
  • Edith Grace Driver b. June 1902
  • Ina Mowat Driver b. January 1905
  • James Harold Driver b. 29th December 1906 who married Edith Charlotte Schall (b. 1908).They had two children. James died in 1979.
  • George Rendall Driver b. 13th January 1909 who married Jeanette Swanson (b. 1915). They had three children.
  • Flora McDonald Driver b. 21st July 1911 who married Alexander McBain Wales. They had two children.

The change in the surname is said to have arisen when the children's father, James Drever, passed through immigration on entering the US. The clerk spelled the surname Driver and it was never corrected.

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