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Introduction / Families


While no Reids are mentioned in the 1810 rental, a John Reid was a witness to the baptism of James Harcus in 1813 and Isabella Sinclair in 1817. James was a son of James Harcus and Marion Allan, who lived at Doggerboat and Isabella was the daughter of Robert Sinclair and Jane Drever who lived at Windywa. As both sets of parents were on Pharay, it is expected that John Reid, who witnessed the baptisms, was also a resident at that time.

This is thought to John Reid who was born in Westray to Thomas Reid and Elizabeth Reid and to have married Janet Bews. John and Janet were at North Pharay in Eday in 1841.

North Pharay, Eday

Age Occupation Born
John Reid 70 years Orkney
Jennet Reid 70 years Orkney
Jennet Allan 15 years Orkney

They were still at North Pharay in Eday in 1851 but Janet is thought to have died between then and 1855.

North Pharay, Eday

Relation Status Age Occupation Born
John Reid Head Married 80 years Formerly farmer Westray
Jannet Reid Wife Married 82 years Westray
John Allan G.Son Unmarried 18 years Fisherman Eday
James Allan G.Son Unmarried 16 years Fisherman Eday

John and Janet are known to have had two children:

  • Ann Reid, baptised 1st March 1794 in Westray who married David Drever
  • Elizabeth Reid, born 1st October 1797 in Deerness who married James Allan
  • John died at Hammar, Pharay on 2nd February 1858. This was the home of their daughter, Ann Reid.

    The 1841 and 1851 censuses covering Hammer, where their daughter stayed, indicate an Elizabeth Reid aged 90 years and 100 years respectively. This is thought to be John’s mother. She was born in Westray and died before 1855.

    The family of James Reid, also from Westray, was about the first of the newcomers to the island in the mid 1880s. There is not thought to be any connection between these Reids.

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