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John Rendall and Mary Lennie Schollay

John Rendall (b. 4th December 1857) was the only known son of James Rendall and Jessie Sandison. He was with his widowed mother in Pierowall in 1871. He was then aged thirteen.

In 1876, when he was eighteen, he married Mary Lennie Schollay (b. 4th February 1855). Mary was the second of three daughters of farm servant William Schollay and Ann Reid.

John and Mary had two known children:

  • Tomima Bremner Rendall b. 29th October 1876 at Noltland, Westray who married William Russell from Egilsay in 1902.

John was a seaman. Interestingly, at the time of the birth of their last child his occupation was given as distillery worker. Unfortunately, he died just prior to the birth.

Mary Schollay
In Memory of Her Beloved Husband
John Rendall
Who Died 19th March 1879
Aged 21 Years
Also His Grandchild
Mary Ann Tulloch Rendall
Died 10th May 1900
Aged 11 Months 15 Day

Asleep In Jesus

In 1881 Mary is described as a widow and living with her parents at Lochend.

1881 - Lochend, Westray
Relation Status Age Occupation Born
William Scholie Head Married 49 years Farmer - 4 acres Westray
Ann Scholie Wife Married 51 years Kelp Maker Westray
Mary Scholie Daughter Widow 26 years Kelp Maker Westray
Maggie Scholie Daughter Unmarried 20 years Kelp Maker Westray
Jammima Rendall G.Dau  3 years Westray
John J Rendall G.Son  1 year Westray

It is unclear whether Jemima Rendall, aged 3, was a child of John Rendall and Mary Lennie Schollay. Mary's older sister, Isabella Tulloch Schollay, also married a Rendall, James Rendall. No other records have been found in respect of Jemima.

The three generations of the family were at Balaclava, again in the Dykeside district of Westray, in 1891.

1891 - Balaclava, Westray
Relation Status Age Occupation Born
William Schollay Head Married 60 years Farmer Westray
Ann R Schollay Wife Married 60 years Westray
Mary Rendall Daughter Widow 36 years Gen. Domestic Westray
Tomima Rendall G. Dau 14 years Gen. Domestic Westray
John James Rendall G. Son 11 years Scholar Westray

Mary Lennie Scollay remarried in March 1895. Her second husband was labourer John Tulloch (b. 28th September 1842) from Links, Westray. John was the son of fisherman James Tulloch and Elizabeth Rendall. Mary was forty when she remarried while John was fifty two.

She died on 21st April 1914 at the age of fifty nine. John died at The Ark on 25th February 1919. He was seventy six.

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