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Introduction / Westray Grays / Archibald Gray / Mary Ann Gray and John Tulloch

William Tulloch and Elizabeth Drever

William Tulloch was the son of John Tulloch and Mary Ann Gray, and was baptised in Westray on 1st January 1808. He apparently married Elizabeth Drever about 1827, but no record of the marriage has been found.

They had four known children:

  • Isabella Tulloch<, born in Westray about 1828. No records of her birth or baptism were found, but her Death registration gives her parents' names as William Tulloch and Elizabeth Drever. She married Robert Reid.
  • John Tulloch, baptised 5th June 1831. He married Jean Harcus.
  • Mary Tulloch, baptised 16th December 1833. She married John Logie.
  • Janet Tulloch, baptised 11th July 1836. She married David Hume.

William was found at Nether Feold, Westray, in the 1841 census, with four children, but no wife, as shown below.

1841 - Nether Feold, North Parish, Westray
Age Occupation Born
William Tulloch 35 years Fisher Orkney
Isabella Tulloch 12 years Orkney
John Tulloch   9 years Orkney
Mary Tulloch   7 years Orkney
Jannet Tulloch   5 years Orkney

>The four children were still in Westray, scattered around various households, in the 1851 census, but no further records have been found for William.

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