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Introduction / Westray Grays / Archibald Gray / Mary Ann Gray and John Tulloch / William Tulloch and Elizabeth Drever

John Tulloch and Jean Harcus

John Tulloch was the only known son of William Tulloch and Elizabeth Drever, and was baptised in Westray on 5th June 1831. He was with his father and sisters at Nether Feold, Westray, at the time of the 1841 census, and in the 1851 census was recorded as an 18-year-old farm servant at Tuquoy.

No record has been found of the marriage, but apparently John married Jean Harcus (born about 1832, daughter of William Harcus and Janet Skea) on 12th Nov 1853, according to the birth register for at least one of their five known children:

  • William Tulloch, born 27th February 1859. He was with his parents at Tuquoy in the 1861 and 1871 censuses, but there is no sign of him after that.
  • Mary Tulloch, born 8th April 1865. She was with her parents at Tuquoy in the 1871 census, age 5 years, and was probably the 16-year old Mary Tulloch who was listed in the 1881 census as a servant at Salt Half. She went south and lived in Edinburgh. Falkirk and Glasgow.
  • Betsy Tulloch, born 21st April 1868. She died 25th July 1869, aged 15 months.
  • John Tulloch, born 21st April 1868. He was with his parents at Mount in the 1881 census, age 12 years, but there is no further sign of him after that.

In the 1861 and 1871 censuses John was still employed at Tuquoy, and lived there with his wife and children. By 1881 they had a croft of their own, and John and Jean and their son John were recorded at Mount that year. In 1891 John and Jean were at an unnamed croft which seems likely to have been the same place. Their daughter Jessie Thompson was also there with her two sons. John was the informant for the Death registration of his sister Isabella Reid in 1898, at which time his address was given as Mont, and at the time of the 1901 census John and Jean were still at Mont, again with Jessie.

John died in Westray in 1911, and Jane died in 1917.

Their gravestone reads:

Jane Harcus
In Loving Memory Of
Her Husband
John Tulloch
Who Died 13th Dec 1911
Aged 80 Years
Also The Above
Jane Harcus
Died July 18th 1917 Aged 85 Years
Also Their Daughter
Jessie Thomson
Diad at Tirlot May 8th 1921
Aged 66 Years

So He Saveth His Beloved Sheep

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