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Jemima Rendall and Thomas Harcus

Jemima Rendall (b. 24th November 1864) was the second of the four children of William Rendall and Margaret Rendall. She married Thomas Harcus (b. 28th September 1864) on 15th June 1883. He was the son of Thomas Harcus and Ann Harcus from Voldigarth. Thomas had been working as a farm servant at Skaill.

Thomas continued as a farm servant and worked at a number of farms including Breck o' Aikerness, Noltland and Brough. He and Jemima had eleven children:

  • William Rendall b. 27th July 1882. No further trace has been found of William in Westray.
  • Margaret Lennie Harcus b. 19th October 1883 who married Seater Rendall
  • Thomas Harcus b. 7th December 1884 who married Eleanor (Ellen) Baikie Rendall (b. 18th November 1883) from Midhouse, the daughter of William Rendall and Georgina Pottinger in September 1904. They had family.
  • Ann Harcus b. 26th October 1886 and died 6th May 1887
  • Catherine Harcus b. 16th February 1888
  • Jane Meil Harcus b. 9th May 1890
  • William Harcus b. 8th November 1892
  • Georgina Rendall Harcus b. 1st December 1897
  • John Harcus b. 21st January 1900 who married Jeannie Drever Henry Rendall (b. 27th July 1899) in 1919. She was a daughter of John Rendall and Mary Reid from West Breck.  John and Jeannie had family.
  • Ann Harcus b. 2nd December 1901
  • James Harcus b. 28th June 1905 who married Mary Jane Seatter in 1928. Mary was the daughter of Thomas Seatter and Jean Harcus. James and Mary had family and stayed at Nether Fiold, Westray.

Thomas Harcus died in Rackwick on 24th April 1948 at the age of eighty three. Jemima died a few years later on 1st June 1951 at the age of eighty six.

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