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Introduction / Westray Grays / Archibald Gray / Louisa Gray and William Lennie / Marjorie Lennie and William Rendall

Margaret Rendall

Margaret Rendall (b. 12th January 1846) was the third of the seven children of William Rendall and Marjorie Lennie. Margaret was at Skaill while her father was a farm servant there and subsequently moved to Peatwall with the family.

In May 1870, she married William Thomson (b. 17th September 1844), the son of David Thomson and Janet Bews. His occupation at the time was fisherman.

William had been married previously to Louisa Rendall, Margaret's cousin. This connection was through their mothers, Marjorie and Margaret Lennie. Unfortunately Louisa had died on 3rd February 1866 after just four years of marriage. William had two children by this first marriage.

These children form the family with Margaret and William at Vestry at the time of the 1871 census.

1871 - Vestry, Westray
Relation Status Age Occupation Born
William Thompson Head Married 27 years Seaman Westray
Margaret Thompson Wife Married 25 years Westray
Margaret Thompson Daughter   8 years Scholar Westray
Chersty Thompson Daughter   6 years Scholar Westray

William Thomson died of pneumonia on 27th April 1874, less than four years after marriage. They had no children.

The gravestone erected by Margaret is to the memory of both her cousin and husband.


Memory Of
Louisa Rendall
Espoused To
William Thomson
Who Died February 1866
Aged 24 Years
Margaret Rendall
To The Memory Of
Her Beloved Husband
William Thomson
Who Departed This Life
April 25 1874, Aged 30 Years

Margaret Rendall remarried in December 1895 at the age of fifty. Her second husband was William Sandison (b. April 1826), the son of William Sandison and May Reid. William had also been married previously. This was to Betsy Rendall, the daughter of George Rendall and Marion Rendall. His daughter to this marriage, Jane Rendall, had married Margaret's nephew William Rendall (a son of Margaret's older brother, William Rendall) on 28th February 1884.

William Sandison died at Roadside on 21st March 1901 at the age of seventy five. A gravestone stands to his memory and that of his first wife, Elizabeth Rendall, who had died on 2nd October 1888.

Margaret Rendall died at Nether Fiold on 9th November 1913. She was sixty seven.

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