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Mary Tulloch and George Rendall

Mary Tulloch (b. 18 Apr 1842, Westray) was with her family at Pow, Westray when she married George Rendall on 19 Sep 1862. George (b. 18 Jun 1841, Westray) was the son of Robert Rendall and Betsy Seatter.

After the birth of their first child, they left Westray and were in Papa Stronsay by the time that their second child was born in 1866.

1871 - Papa Stronsay
Name Relationship Age Occupation Born
George Rendall Head 30 Farmer of 180 acres* Westray
Mary Rendall Wife 29 Westray
Jessie Rendall Dau 7 Scholar Westray
Robert Rendall Son 5 Stronsay
George Rendall Son 3 Stronsay
Elizabeth Rendall Dau 1 Stronsay
George Miller Serv 11 Farm servant Stronsay
James Peace Serv 20 Farm servant Sanday - Cross & Burnss
George Logie Serv 13 Farm servant Westray
*of which 150 acres arable, employing 7 labourers and 1 boy

Mary and George had a large family, most of whom were born before the family emigrated to Australia:

  • Jessie Rendall (b. 8 Oct 1863, Westray; d. 25 Nov 1921, NSW)
  • Robert Rendall (b. 1 Jan 1866, Papa Stronsay; d. 2 Sep 1951, NSW) who married Nellie Anderson
  • George Rendall (b. 2 May 1868; d 18 May 1957, NSW)
  • Elizabeth Seatter Rendall (b. 13 Nov 1869; d. 1943, Queensland) who married David Knox
  • Williamina Rendall (b. 11 Apr 1871; d. 26 Aug 1927, NSW) who married Andrew Pender
  • David Buchanan Rendall (b. 2 Dec 1873; d. 30 Oct 1952, NSW) who married Florence M Campbell
  • Mary Ann Rendall (b. 21 Aug 1876, Papa Stronsay; d. 3 Mar 1900, NSW)
  • Margaret Rendall (b. 24 Sep 1878, Seatter Farm, St Ola; d. 2 May 1958, Bathurst, NSW) who married Hill Hamilton Curry (b. 1879, Scotland; d. 1959, NSW)
  • Esther Rendall (b. May 1881, Shoalhaven, New South Wales; d. 12 Feb 1893, NSW)

They left Plymouth on the "Chimborazo" on 15 Jan 1881. The trip was not uneventful. As the ship was on its way into Port Adelaide, it ran aground on a sandbar near Kangaroo Island. Passengers for Adelaide were taken off with the ship being freed a couple of days later and continuing on to Melbourne and Sydney.

The family settled in Kangaroo Valley, which is a scenic agricultural area to the south of Sydney, close to the coast and the Shoalhaven River.

The family were following in the footsteps of George’s brother, Thomas Rendall, who emigrated to the area 28 years earlier. The cottage of Thomas Rendall, built around 1870, is the centrepiece of the pioneer village museum at Kangaroo Valley and has the Rendall family tree on the wall. It is named "The Rendall Cottage".

Mary died at Shoalhaven City, NSW on15 Nov 1922, age 80 and George on 27 Apr 1927, age 85.

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