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David Tulloch and Jessie McDill

David Tulloch (b. 20 Jun 1845, Westray) emigrated to Australia with his younger brother Thomas, arriving in Port Adelaide on the “Canterbury” on 31 Dec 1866, having left Plymouth on 2 Oct 1866.

He was a carpenter and went to Hookina, which is to the north of Port Augusta, SA and took up land in that area.

He married Jessie McDill in Port Augusta on 9 Jul 1871. Jessie was also from Hookina, although baptised on 21 Mar 1844 in Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of David Dill and Catharine Cosbie. Jessie’s family had gone to Australia aboard the “James Fernie” when she was seven.

"Davy" Tulloch became the wheelwright in Hookina.

He and Jessie had five children:

  • Jessie Ann Tulloch (b. 15 Feb 1873, Hookina, SA; d. 28 Dec 1904, Hookina, SA)
  • William David Tulloch (b. 21 Jun 1874, Hookina, SA; d. 19 Aug 1879; Hookina, SA)
  • John James Tulloch (b. 8 Jan 1876, Hookina, SA; d. 17 Jan 1876, Hookina, SA)
  • Thomas Tulloch (b. 16 Jun 1877, Hookina, SA; d. 30 Apr 1950, Hawker, SA)
  • Catherine Jemima Tulloch (b. 9 Aug 1880, Hookina, SA; d. 28 Jan 1970, South Australia)

Hookina was a small place. Subsequent reminiscences in newspapers mention the blacksmith and Davy Tulloch, the wheelwright.

"The old Hookina was a good place in the old days, when Mr. Taylor kept It. There was a good blacksmith shop and wheelwright. The blacksmith (I forget his name) and Davy Tulloch were the two best tradesmen in the north.

The township went down; the hotel was buried in sand, and the place was closed up before I left the north."<.i>

The Chronicle, Thurs 1 March 1934, "Memories of the North"

Jessie died on 14 Apr 1921 at Flinder, SA and Davy in Hookina on 5 Dec 1926. He was 81.

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