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Thomas Tulloch and Sarah Tyzack

Thomas Tulloch (b. 15 Aug 1847, Westray) was the youngest son of William Tulloch and Janet Gray.

According to an obituary in an Adelaide newspaper in 1928, Thomas ran away from home at 16 years of age to become an apprentice aboard the ship "Marigold", and made two voyages to the Baltic.

He emigrated to Australia from Plymouth, with his brother David Tulloch, on the "Canterbury" on 2 Oct 1866, arriving in Port Adelaide on 31 Dec 1866.

He worked for two years at the station owned by Messrs. Armstrong. Elder, & Swan, at Fowler's Bay. His older brother William Tulloch, who emigrated in the mid 1850s, also worked there for a time.

Thomas worked for 15/- a week, and was proud of the fact that he saved £50 out of that small wage. He worked his way back to Port Adelaide on the schooner Domey, and then was unsuccessful at the Barossa diggings. He saw further service on the schooner Domey, and later joined the water police at Port Adelaide.

Thomas married Sarah Tyzack (b. 28 May 1849, Port Adelaide) on 22 Jan 1876 in Christchurch, Port Adelaide and they had a large family::

  • William Thomas Tulloch (b. 30 Nov 1876, Port Adelaide; d. 4 Mar 1911, Ardrossan, SA)
  • Sarah Spence Tyzack Tulloch (b. 19 Jul 1878, Woodville, Adelaide; d. 21 Jun 1949, SA)
  • David Samuel Tyzack Tulloch (b. 14 May 1880, Freshwater, Adelaide; d. 11 Mar 1964, Cheltenham, SA) who married Augusta Alma Hams (nee Liebich) (b. 1873; d. 1957) on 26 Jan 1916 in Port Adelaide.
  • Jessie Ann Tulloch (b. 10 Sep 1881, Semaphore, Adelaide; d. 12 Dec 1883, Woodville, SA)
  • Herbert Tulloch (b. 27 Aug 1882, Semaphore, Adelaide; d. 16 Feb 1883, Semaphore, Adelaide)
  • Hilda May Tulloch (b. 2 Jan 1884, Semaphore, Adelaide; d. 21 Jun 1966, Sandford, Victoria) who married William George Wigg (b. 1884; d. 1960) in Adelaide on 15 Dec 1913.
  • Mabel Tulloch (b. 10 Apr 1885, Morgan, Kapuda, SA; d. 9 Dec 1980, Semaphore, Adelaide)
  • Beatrice Muriel Tulloch (b. 30 Aug 1886, Clifton, Port Adelaide; d. 20 Nov 1899, Exeter, SA)
  • Alexander Murray Tulloch (b. 24 Mar 1888, Semaphore, Adelaide; d. 1957, Balmain, Sydney) who married Marguerite Ann Moore (b. 1891; d. 1975) in Sydney on 2 June 1915.

Sarah died on 10 Oct 1905 at Peterhead, Adelaide at the age of 56. Thomas died at Largs Bay, Adelaide on 5 Dec 1928. He was 81.

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