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Introduction / Barbara Allan / Westray Allans / John Allan and Margaret Bews

Margaret Allan and John Mason

Margaret Allan, the youngest child of John Allan and Margaret Bews, was baptised on 14th August 1801. She married John Mason (baptised 7th September 1796, Shapinsay) on 5th December 1823. His parents were William Mason and Ann Pottinger. Margaret and John had twelve children, born on Westray:
  • Margaret Mason, c. 29th December 1824 in the East Parish of Westray, died before March 1828
  • Ann Mason, c. 20th Dec 1826, who married 10th June 1859 Robert Drever
  • Margaret Mason, c. 9th Mar 1828, who married 21st Dec 1850 Andrew Allan, her first cousin.
  • William Allan Mason, c. 20th Dec 1829
  • John Mason, c. 16th Oct 1831. In 1841 John was a servant at Sponess with his uncle William Allan.
  • George Mason, c. 27th July 1834, who married 9th Dec 1863 Mary Rendall. They had five children:
    • John Mason, c. 7th Oct 1864
    • James Mason, c. 1st Oct 1866, d. 8 Nov 1866
    • James Mason, c. 21th Nov 1867
    • Mary Mason, c. 5th Nov 1870
    • Betsy Mason, c. 6th May 1872
  • Edward Clouston Mason, c. 2nd Aug 1835 who married 20th Nov 1856 Mary Reid. In the 1851 census he was a servant at Sponess with his uncle William Allan. Edward and Mary had three children:
    • John Mason, c. 26th Feb 1858, d. 18th Apr 1858
    • John Mason, c. 10th June 1859
    • James Mason, c. 1st Mar 1863
  • Jean Harcus Mason, c. 6th May 1838 who is believed to have married Sinclair Rendall 31st May 1867.
  • James Mason, c. 26th July 1840. James married first, a distant cousin Jane Allan, daughter of John Scott Allan and Euphemia Harcus, 19th Apr 1861. Jane died 4th May 1861 from complications of a pregnancy. James married, second, another distant cousin, and first cousin to his first wife Jane, Anne Allan, daughter of George Allan and Ann Groat, 26th Aug 1866. James and Anne had seven children:
    • John Mason, c. 20th Dec 1866
    • Ann Mason, c. 3rd Mar 1868
    • James Mason, c. 1st Mar 1870
    • George Mason, c. 29th June 1872 who married Christian Harcus. She was the daughter of Christian Gray and John Harcus.
    • William Mason
    • Maggie Mason
    • Thomas Mason, b. about 1877-78, d. 1878, aged 6 months
  • Andrew Mason, b. about 1844. In 1851 he was a servant at Sponess with his uncle William Allan.
  • Henry Mason, b. 1846, Skelwick, Westray, who married 12th Nov 1879 Mary Angell, and died 14th Aug 1914 at Mayfield Farm, Skelwick. Henry and Mary had six children:
    • John Mason, c. 28th Nov 1870, d. 25th Feb 1889
    • James Mason, c. 15th Nov 1872, who married in Kirkwall, 18th May 1910 Catherine Mainland Hutchinson, and died 22nd Feb 1957, Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall. They had two children.
    • Henry Mason, b. 12th Jan 1875, d. 25th Oct 1895
    • Jane Mason, b. about 1877, d. 2nd July 1901
    • William Mason, b. about 1880, d. 16th Sept 1905
    • Thomas Mason, b. about 1882, d. Apr 1957. Thomas had three children, a son and a daughter who both married but had no families, and a daughter who married and had two daughters, who in the early 21st century were married and living in Orkney.

It appears that the Masons were neighbours of the Allans, as Skelwick is on the East Coast of Westray, about a mile south of Sponess. A Westray cemetery has gravestones with the following inscriptions relating to this family:

Margaret Allan
to the Memory of
Her Beloved Hisband
John Mason
Died 13th Apr 1870
Aged 76 years
also the
Margaret Allan
Died 17th Sept 1881
Aged 81 Years

Memory of
Jane Allan
who Died May 4th 1861
Aged 16 Years

Erected by
Ann Allan
in Memory of
her Beloved Husband
James Mason
who Died 2nd May 1903
Aged 63 Years
also their Child Thomas
who Died 1878 aged 6 months
also the Above
Ann Allan
Died 18th June 1907
Aged 60 Years

A Light is from our Household gone
the Voice we Loved is Stilled
Place is Vacant in our Home
This World can never Fill

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