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George Logie and Ann Rendall

George Logie was born in Westray on 27th September 1827, and was the oldest known son of David Logie and Margaret Gray.

In the 1841 census, a youth named George Logie, aged 13 years, was recorded as a servant at Swarmill, East Parish, Westray. It seems likely that he was the son of David Logie and Margaret Gray.

George married Ann Rendall in the parish of Westray and Papa Westray on 9th January 1851. Ann was born in Papa Westray about 1830, the daughter of William Rendall and Ann Munro, and the marriage may have taken place on that island. The couple were at Damaquoy with their infant son David, next door to George's parents, in the 1851 census, when George's occupation was recorded as "late general teacher".

George and Ann are known to have had the following children, all born in Westray:

  • David Logie, christened 28th March 1851. He was with his parents and siblings at Heatherbank, Westray, in the 1861 census, when he was 10 years old, but no further records have been found for him.
  • Mary Logie, born 28th November 1852. She married James Davidson Wilson in St. Andrews in 1880, and died in Kirkwall in 1931.
  • Margaret Logie, born 10th September 1855. She died in 1867, at the age of 12 years.
  • Ann Munro Logie, born 20th October 1857. She was with the family in St. Andrews, in the 1881 census, age 23, but no further records have been found for her.
  • Georgina Rendall Logie, born 29th January 1860. She never married, and died in Kirkwall in 1908.
  • James Rendall Logie, born 28th October 1861. He married, first, Isabella Johnston, and second, Maggie Kay Herdman.
  • William Logie, born 7th July 1865. He was in St. Andrews with his parents and sisters in the 1881 census, when he was 15 years old, but nothing is known of him after that.
  • Susanna Margaret Fergus Logie, born 31st January 1868. She died unmarried, in Kirkwall in 1896.

By 1871 George and Ann and their children had left Westray, and in the 1871 census they were living in South Ronaldsay, where George was a teacher.

The marriage of their daughter Mary took place in St. Andrews in 1880, so the family was apparently already settled there by that time. They were still there at the time of the 1891 census, and George died in St. Andrews in 1893.

In the 1901 census, Ann was recorded in Kirkwall, keeping a lodging house. Her daughter Georgina was assisting her, and her grandchildren Adeline and George Logie were staying there as well. Ann died in Kirkwall on 2nd June 1914.

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