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Introduction / Families


There have been a number of Leslie families in Pharay for short periods of time in the latter part of occupation. Some of these Leslies were related in one way or another or perhaps had ancestors who had lived on Pharay previously.

  • John Leslie who as at Hammar from around 1938 and subsequently had Cott and the land at Quoy. He was in Pharay until the final stages of occupation
  • Robert Leslie, John Leslie‚Äôs brother, who came slightly later to Hammar. He was also in Pharay until the final stages of occupation.

There was also one Leslie who married a Moar:

Much earlier a daughter of David Hourston and Christian Drever, Jean Hourston, married a George Leslie and they lived in Westray. Jean was born in Pharay around 1791.

In 1870, Mary Drever from Quoy married Robert Leslie and they also lived in Westray. Mary was a grandmother of Helen Leslie who was to come to Lakequoy.

The relationships that exist between some of these Leslies may be best seen by the Leslie Genealogy family trees:

Connections between these different Leslies are all Westray connections.

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