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Introduction / Families


The Drevers were one of the long established families in Pharay, going back many generations. Perhaps the earliest trace of the family name is that of Thomas Drever who married Ann Hourston. The rental of 1810 indicated a Thomas Drever at Cott. Thomas and Ann are known to have had at least four children:

  • Mary Drever c. 1st October 1797. It is not known what became of Mary.

There was also a William Drever known to be on Pharay from before 1812 until after 1816. He was married to Barbara Shearer and they had four children born on the island.

Only Thomas and Ann’s daughter Mary Drever appears in the OPR, which commences in 1789. It is not known where Thomas Drever and Ann Hourston were born. This was quite possibly on Pharay as both surnames are old Pharay names.

The Drevers were gone from Cott by the time of the first census in 1841. The family name certainly continued with son David Drever who married Ann Reid and lived at Hammar. It continued there with his son, also David Drever, until 1896.

Two other houses are associated with the Drevers through descendants of David Drever and Ann Reid:

  • Thomas Drever (son) who married Jane Groat from Quoy and was there from at least 1841 until 1893 when he moved to Eday.
  • John Drever (son) who married Barbara Groat and was at Windywa at least by 1851. The Drever name continued at Windywa with their son, also John Drever, until 1928.

A different Drever family was at Holland in 1841 and 1851. Thomas Drever was born on Westray about 1788. His wife Christian Drever was born on Eday about 1789. No marriage record has been found for this couple but their first four known children were born on Westray between 1813 and 1818. The family were then on Eday to at least 1823. They have gone to Pharay about 1829 but perhaps as early as 1824. After more than 20 years on Pharay they were at South House, Eday in 1861. There is no known relationship between these Drevers and those who were at Lakequoy.

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