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Pharay Gravestones

See the location of the gravestones on the burial ground plan

Stone Row 1
1 Erected in memory of James Drever who died Oct 1865, aged 36 years. Mary Harcus, his wife, died June 1869, aged 40 years. Peter, their son, died April 1865, aged 2 years. John, died Feb 16 1877, aged 21 years.
2 Erected in memory of John Drever who died 10th Oct 1898 aged 82 years also his beloved wife Barbara Groat who died 4th Dec 1896 aged 82 years
3, 4 & 5 No inscriptions
6 In memory of Mary Groat who died 22 June 1893, aged 83 years.
7 Erected by James and Mary Groat in memory of their son John who died 20th April 1896, aged 19. Also James Groat who died 11th September 1904, aged 65 years.
8 Erected by Mary Harcus in memory of her beloved husband Thomas Drever who died 28th July 1898, aged 79 years. Also Mary Harcus who died 11th Sept 1900, aged 66 years.
9 Erected by Mrs William Harcus, Cott in memory of her children Isabella died 26th Sept 1881 aged 19 years 8 months, Margaret died 4th April 1867 aged 1 year, David died 24th March 1853 aged 11 days. Also Jane Harcus, wife of Robert Drever, who died 20 June 1885 aged 36. Asleep in Jesus _____ _____ _____
10 Erected by Elisabeth Allan in memory of her beloved husband William Hercus who died Jan 27th 1869 aged 43 years and of their son William who died Sept 7th 1868 aged 17 years. Far from a world of grief and sin with God eternally shut in. Also the above Elisabeth Allan who died 16th October 1911 aged 85 years.
Row 2
11 Erected by ___ ____ Peter Hercus ___ _____, aged 50(?) years ___.
12 Erected by Jean Drummond in memory of her sister Mary Drummond who died Oct 15 1821, our father William Drummond who died __ 1839 and our mother Barbara Groat who died __ 1849, her brother William Drummond died July 25 1857. Also Jean Drummond who died Sep 16 1882 aged 82.
13 Erected by Robert Groat in memory of his beloved wife Margaret Hercus who departed this life Jan 11 1859, aged 22 years. Robert Groat also died Sep 12 1872, aged 40 years.
Row 3
14 Erected by Robert Burghar in memory of his mother Betsy Seatter who died 20 Sep 1893, aged 79. The above Robert Burghar died by drowning 11 December 1895, aged 52 years, the body not found.
15 Erected in memory of John Hercus who died 25 June 1884, aged 82 years. Also Catherine Ann Burgess, beloved wife of James Drever, who died 17 January 1862, aged 20 years.
16 Erected by Alexander Drummond in memory of his parents Janet Reid who died 30 May 1864, aged 56 years and John Drummond who died 27 April 1885, aged 83 years.
17 Erected by Peter Harcus and Jane Drummond in memory of their son Robert who died 27th April 1862, aged 3¾ years. Also of their son Peter who died 24th May 1868, aged 8 years.
Row 4
18 Erected by their parents in memory of Barbara Drummond who was called home Dec 10th 1860, aged 7 years and her brother John J Collister Jany 3rd 1862, aged 6 months.
19 Erected by William Drummond in memory of his partner Isabella Harcus who was called home Dec 2nd 1861, aged 29 years and of his sister Barbara April 11th 1851, aged 4 years.
Row 5
20 Erected by James & Isabella Reid in loving memory of their beloved daughter Agnes who fell asleep 16th Feb 1902, aged 18 years 11 months 12 days. Cut down she was in early life, like flowers that bloom so gay, she left us for a better home, with us she could not stay.
21 Erected by William Wallace in memory of Thomas Dearness who died 22nd April 1907, aged 81 years.
22 No inscription
23 In memory of Mary Drummond who fell asleep July 16th 1862, aged 15 years. Erected by her parents. Also by Jane Drever in memory of her beloved husband Stewart Drummond, born 1811, died 1888.
24 Jhn Dreivr 1847
25 Tho Dreivr 1848
26 Erected by Robert Groat and Elizabeth Harcus in memory of their beloved son John Groat who was drowned 16th Sept 1857 aged 16 years. Also their daughter Jane died July 10 1864 aged 27 years. In memory of Mary Groat, beloved wife of David Drever, who died March 18th 1883 aged 53 years.
27 Stewart Groat died by drowning April 12 1865, aged 31. Ann Drummond his wife died June 7 1875, aged 41. Ann their daughter died May 13 1857, aged 4 months. Erected by their son Robert.
Row 6
28 ____ ____ Elizabeth Drummond(?) ___ ____
Row 7
29 No inscription
30 Erected by James Groat in memory of his father Robert Groat who died March 30 1868, aged 66 years.
Row 8
31 No inscription
32 Erected by William Wallace in memory of his beloved wife Annie Drever who died 23rd Oct 1907, aged 24 years. A few short years of evil past, we reach the happy shore, where death divided friends at last, shall meet to part no more.
33 Erected by their parents in memory of James Stewart Allan who died from drowning 28th Oct 1887 ___ ____

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