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Westray Grays
Papa Westray Grays
Eday Grays
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Early Westray Grays

1. Early Westray Grays
    2. Miscellaneous Gray Information
        3. Jane Gray and James Sclater
        3. Margaret Gray
        3. Barbara Groat (dau of David Groat and Barbara Gray)
    2. John Gray and Barbara Gray
    2. Isabel Gray and William Robertson
        3. Barbara Robertson and David Manson
            4. Ann Traill Manson and Robert Rendall
                5. Barbara Rendall and George Rendall
                    6. George Rendall and Sarah Yorston
                        7. Jemima Paul Rendall
                    6. William Rendall and Annie Bremner
                5. John Craig Rendall and Jean Robertson
                    6. Robert Rendall and Margaret Jane Allan
    2. John Gray and Barbara Beaton
        3. Mary Gray and Thomas Logie
            4. Archibald Logie
                5. Agnes Logie and Thomas Thomson
                5. Thomas Logie and Tomima Corse
                5. Ann Logie and William Rendall
            4. James Logie and Ann Hewison
            4. Mary Gray Logie and James Reid
                5. Mary Reid and John Rendall
            3. Archibald Gray and Ann Burghar
    2. Archibald Gray
    2. James Gray and Jane Harcus

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