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Pharay Families - Site Map

Pharay Families - Site Map

1. Groat - (William Drever Groat and Jessie Ann Hume)
1. Harcus
    2. David Harcus and Elizabeth Wards
    2. Angus Harcus and Mary Jane Inkster
1. Kent - (George Kent and Joanna Irvine)
1. Leslie
    2. Millie J Leslie
    2. Henry Leslie
    2. John Thomas Leslie
    2. Robert Leslie
    2. Leslie Genealogy - Swartaback and Benziecot
    2. Leslie Genealogy - Lesliebrae
1. Meil - (John Meil and Margaret Ann Mainland)
1. Moar - (James David Moar and Helen Wilson Leslie)
1. Reid - (James Reid and Isabella Reid)
    2. Robert Reid and Elizabeth Hercus
1. Rendall
    2. James Rendall and Mary Stevenson
    2. Balfour Rendall and Maggie Ann Gray
        3. William Rendall and Annie Jean Drever Seatter
        3. Balfour Rendall and Mary Tulloch
1. Seatter
    2. John Scott Seatter and Jemima Reid
    2. John Seatter and Ann Drever
    2. Peter and James Seatter
    2. Robert Seatter
    2. James Seator and Clara Margaret Harcus
1. Stevenson - (James Reid and Isabella Reid)
1. Wallace
    2. William Peace Wallace and Ann Drever
        3. William Wallace

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